Foster parents guide to brightening up bedrooms for foster children

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As foster parents, the spare room that was once filled with tons of ironing, spare bags, a stack of old CDs may now be a place of warmth, shelter and security for your foster children. If you’re looking to change things up or are feeling a little lost in how to prepare bedrooms or give them a little life, then carry on reading. If this sounds like you or you’re preparing for new foster children or young adults to come into your home, we’ve put a short and handy guide together on brightening up bedrooms for foster children. Support for foster parents doesn’t always have to be a document or resource full of lots of information. Sometimes, all it takes is a little article to help you on your way when it comes to things like decorating bedrooms or coming up with activities to get the whole family involved.

Teddy bear on wooden bed that foster parents have decorated in white kid's bedroom interior. Real photo

Room for potential – a overview for foster parents

Whether your role as foster parents is in full swing or you’re preparing for the arrival of your foster children, getting your bedrooms in check is a must. No more hastily shutting the doors to the spare rooms as these can be the best place in the world for a foster child. A private space is what your foster children will need so they can adjust properly into their new life and routines. This goes for foster children already in the care of foster parents. Some children may have grown up with no boundaries and it can take time to adjust – it’s always good to keep in mind that some children may not have ever had their own bedrooms before either.

By having a bedroom that they are comfortable in means they can find their place in your home and family. But this doesn’t have to be an extravagant room. There are small things you can do to spruce up a room. We are sharing inexpensive and cheerful ways for foster parents to brighten up your children’s bedrooms.

Get creative

It doesn’t require a lot of money to get a personalised picture or printing from your computer at home. By adding your foster children’s names can really make it feel like its their own too. If you’re already foster parents, you can even get your foster children involved. Ask them what they would like printed and how they would like their name to be designed.

Happy cute little girl sitting on the bed in her children's room. room is filled with light. The room is full of toys. The girl smiles happily and carelessly and hugs the Teddy bear. He's her friend.

Foster parents can get involved too

For a whole load of family fun, for you foster parents as well, you can use the walls as a canvas. Chalkboard walls or wall stickers are very easy to remove and update and is a really nice way to encourage creativity and exploring emotions, colours and designs. With such advances comes materials to suit. There are things like magnetic paint, giant chalk, magic chalk and all sorts that will let you and your foster children create new ideas to their hearts content. This will also allow them to express themselves freely and it can be easily erased to start again.

Show them you are proud

If they’ve been working on something at school or at the kitchen table over the weekend, show them you’re proud. As foster parents, they will seek assurance from you and this doesn’t always have to be a big gesture. This can come in the form of showing appreciation for the small things like their artwork or school drawings.

Painting with sister is always great fun - two foster children in their room painting

As they change – change their bedroom

You may find yourself in a position as foster parents whereby your foster children are continuously finding new trends or things they fall in love with. This could be from films, accessories, games and toys. A fun way to incorporate these things is by changing up their bedrooms to suit. For example, if it’s time for Disney’s Frozen to be the latest thing they are in love with, a cheap Frozen themed lamp shade can make all the difference. Or using the above points as inspiration, their drawings can be Frozen themed. Another way to change up their bedrooms is through cushions and blankets. This can be more on the expensive side but there are some cheap options around too. This can be useful for slightly older children who don’t change their mind as quickly as the wind.

For more inspiration, sit down as a family and see what your foster children would like to add to their bedroom. If it’s within budget and you’re happy enough, this can also be a great addition.