Who needs fostering in the Midlands?

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In the light of current circumstances with national lockdowns and tiers, it highlights even further that the support children need when it comes to fostering in the Midlands. The most important thing to remember is that children and young adults of all ages, backgrounds and experiences come into care and are in need of nurture and support from their foster carers, parents and families.

Whether it’s for a few weeks, a whole year or their complete childhood, it’s important to remember they need you and fostering in the Midlands has one goal, to meet each child’s individual needs.

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Who needs to be fostered?

There is no single answer to this. Most children and young adults who enter the fostering care system are over the age of 10. Of course, there are instances whereby children of younger ages enter foster care too, depending on their circumstances. However, with most being over the age of 10, there is an increasing need for foster carers who have the skillset and experiences to look after older children, young adults and teenagers.

It doesn’t necessarily mean individual children as there are many foster children, including those who are currently with carers fostering in the Midlands, who have more complex needs or comes in groups, such as siblings. Sibling foster children are one of the highest complexities as life relationships and experiences are built from having brothers and sisters. Whilst it’s not always the correct thing to have foster siblings kept together, it is often very crucial to do so. However, due to decreasing number of foster carers who are able to look after more than one child or young adult, fostering in the Midlands and across the UK has seen less and less siblings being kept together and end up living apart.


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Why is fostering in the Midlands needed?

There are a number of reasons why children and young adults come into the fostering system and into care. Fostering in the Midlands can be because of long-term illnesses to a parent or as a result of experiencing abuse, neglect and no care. Each child that needs to be fostered has a different background, circumstance and are unique in themselves and that’s how they should be treated.

Approximately, there are estimates of over 9000 (and increasing) families that are needed to foster over the last year. This means, there are a high number of children that need fostering in the Midlands and across the UK. This doesn’t mean they will be just put into any home or any care. To ensure each child or young adult is cared for in the correct way, foster carers are trained, developed and supported to ensure that children’s needs are being met. It also means the number of foster carers can increase as you don’t have to have a particular skillset. Once you meet a basic criteria, you can work with the placing authority like Fostering Dimensions to find the best outcome for yourselves and the foster children.

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I want to apply to foster during Covid-19 – Am I allowed?

In short, the answer is yes and it always will be. The current pandemic has placed a number of restrictions on independent fostering agencies but that won’t stop our mission to get the right care for vulnerable children and young adults.

For more information on how to get started with fostering in the Midlands, get in touch today.