Reducing anxiety for foster children by fostering in the Midlands

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With the festive period upon us very soon, if there was ever a time to really master strategies that can reduce stress and anxiety by fostering in the Midlands, you and your foster children will really benefit. Christmas is a joyful time for most, but for foster children, this can be a very different story.

Through the right strategies and understanding of triggers, fostering in the Midlands with Fostering Dimensions doesn’t have to be stressful or induce anxiety. It is very important to be able to regulate ourselves in accordance with the foster children in your care to cultivate a purposeful perspective that can help when these emotions arise.

In this blog, we want to help foster carers to reflect upon reactions to certain situations and help you to think your way through what will work for you and your fostering children.

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Fostering in the Midlands always consists of reflection

The good thing about life is that we never stop learning. The same can be said for Fostering in the Midlands. The best way to be able to support your fostering children during moments of anxiety and stress is through a mutual understanding of what they like, what triggers them and what their interests are. By gaining a true understanding of this allows for the best coping mechanisms to be utilised.

There are a number of questions or activities you can do with your foster children to discover what will work best. For example, if your foster children like to write, they could write a journal. If they like to listen to music, listen to some music. If they simply wish to talk, then ensure you are there for them. It goes without saying that they have come very various backgrounds and understanding this is something that will really help you as a foster parent. Being empathetic towards this will mean a lot to your foster children too.

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Picking up on triggers when fostering

Over time, fostering in the Midlands will teach you to pick up on what triggers your foster children. There can be a lot of emotional cues that may often be overlooked. These can be things like a certain storyline on tv programs and films, certain areas or even activities and chores. By discovering what they are, these can either be avoided or worked on together to find a better way of overcoming them. This will also help build the relationship and trust between you as a foster family.

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Immediate responses when fostering in the Midlands.

Each foster child is different and that’s a beautiful thing. Naturally, children will react to things differently. These can be from small anxiety and stress episodes to full scale panic attacks. One suggestion is helping them to focus on their breathing. Fostering in the Midlands is all about putting your foster children at the core of everything and seeing them upset can cause a lot of distress to them and to you. Breathing deeply regularly can significantly reduce high levels of stress and help your foster children to focus on their breathing in the hope of taking their attention away from the trigger.

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Below are a few other ideas that could really help you when fostering in the Midlands and dealing with children who are anxious. This isn’t everything you can do. You could sit down with your foster children and come up with a list together. This will give them a sense of ownership and control as well.

– Go for a walk

– Call a friend or family member for a chat

– Bake or cook something

– Sing, play or listen to music

– Work with hands on activities like clay or building blocks

– Paint or colour

– Read a book

– Create a safe place (a den, a corner of the bedroom with chosen accessories like teddy and beanie bag, a spare bedroom, a tree house in the garden)

For additional support, contact the team at Fostering Dimensions who will happily talk to you in more detail.